Data Center Network Technician


Sierra Staffing Group has partnered with a large and well respected Manufacturing/Technology Company for a Data Center Network Technician. Qualified candidates will have a minimum of 3 years experience in troubleshooting large networking issues. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door with one of the best companies to work for that offers huge career progression, unbeatable work environment/company culture, and very competitive/high salary. 

Job Responsibilities: 

• Successfully coordinated server and network migrations with collocation customers and led physical migrations during the scheduled maintenance windows. 

• Verified that projects and tasks performed by other data center technicians met company standards.;

• Managed infrastructure projects assigned to the data center team by making sure that new server racks were properly cabled and PDUs installed, adhering to company standards. 

• Ensure Data Center operation success through network, server, and infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting.;

• Serve as first point of contact for customers needing assistance or turning up new services. Install network gear, servers, and cabling to meet customer and company needs.;

• To maintain and support all aspects of the enterprise LAN/WAN.;

• Troubleshoot basic network malfunctions that may be isolated to a specific department, floor or building by using provided procedures and tools to deliver successful solutions to customers;

• Diagnose basic device issues by using provided documentation and tools to deliver successful solutions to customers.;

• Replace faulty equipment by using provided procedures and tools to deliver working equipment to customers.;

• Support and troubleshoot client VPN issues of basic complexity by using provided documentation and tools to provide successful solutions to customers.;


Job Requirements:

• Bachelors Degree in Computer Science/Engineering strongly desired;

• Must possess all requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities as posted in the supplemental section.;

• Must demonstrate critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.

• Ability to work on multiple priorities effectively.

• Ability to prioritize conflicting demands.

• Demonstrated track record of the ability to execute assigned project tasks within established schedule.

• Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

• Ability to communicate effectively in the service of users and colleagues in a positive manner. 

• Writes and communicates clearly and concisely.

• Possesses sound documentation skills.

• Ability to maintain confidentiality.

• Demonstrated track record of exemplary customer service skills.

• Basic understanding of data communication principles.

• Basic understanding of the OSI Model.

• Basic familiarity with network troubleshooting techniques.

• Basic understanding of network traffic management concepts.

• Basic understanding of DHCP and DNS services.

• Demonstrated understanding of IP Addressing.



San Diego

Las Vegas